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PHP Tutorials - Working with MySQL Database

By: FYICenter.com

A collection of 21 tips on working with MySQL database. Clear explanations and tutorial exercises are provided on connecting and selecting MySQL database, creating and dropping tables, inserting, updating, and deleting rows, selecting and looping through data rows, searching by key words, setting auto-increment IDs. Topics included in this collections:


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  1. How To Install MySQL Server?
  2. How To Use MySQL Command Line Interface?
  3. What Do You Need to Connect PHP to MySQL?
  4. How To Connect to MySQL from a PHP Script?
  5. How To Create a Database?
  6. How To Select an Exiting Database?
  7. How To Run a SQL Statement?
  8. How To Create a Table?
  9. How To Get the Number of Rows Selected or Affected by a SQL Statement?
  10. How To Insert Data into a Table?
  11. How To Insert Rows Based on SELECT Statements?
  12. What Is a Result Set Object?
  13. How To Query Tables and Loop through the Returning Rows?
  14. How To Update Existing Rows in a Table?
  15. How To Delete Existing Rows in a Table?
  16. How To Quote Text Values in SQL Statements?
  17. How To Quote Date and Time Values in SQL Statements?
  18. How To Perform Key Word Search in Tables?
  19. How To Query Multiple Tables Jointly?
  20. How To Set the ID Column as Auto-Incremented?
  21. How To Get the Last ID Assigned by MySQL?

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