Single Cookie Size Limit in PHP


How Large Can a Single Cookie Be in PHP?



How large can a single cookie be? The answer is depending what is the Web browser your visitor is using. Each browser has its own limit:

  • Internet Explorere (IE): about 3904 bytes
  • Mozilla Firefox: about 3136 bytess

If you want to test this limit, copy this sample script, huge_cookies.php, to your Web server:

  if (isset($_COOKIE["HomeSite"])) {
    $value = $_COOKIE["HomeSite"];
  } else {
    $value = "";
  $value .= "";
  setcookie("HomeSite", $value);
  print("Large cookie set with ".strlen($value)." characters.\n"); 

Open your browser to this page for first time, you will see:

Large cookie set with 32 characters.

Click the refresh button, you will see:

Large cookie set with 64 characters.

Keep clicking the refresh button, you will see the limit of your browser.


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