Order of Array Values in PHP


How the Values Are Ordered in an Array in PHP?

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PHP says that an array is an ordered map. But how the values are ordered in an array? The answer is simple. Values are stored in the same order as they are inserted like a queue. If you want to reorder them differently, you need to use a sort function. Here is a PHP script show you the order of array values:

$mixed = array();
$mixed["Two"] = "Java";
$mixed["3"] = "C+";
$mixed["Zero"] = "PHP";
$mixed[1] = "Perl";
$mixed[""] = "Basic";
$mixed[] = "Pascal";
$mixed[] = "FORTRAN";
$mixed["Two"] = "";
print("Order of array values:\n");

This script will print:

Order of array values:
    [Two] =>
    [3] => C+
    [Zero] => PHP
    [1] => Perl
    [] => Basic
    [5] => FORTRAN


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