Sorting an Array by Keys in PHP


How To Sort an Array by Keys in PHP?



Sorting an array by keys can be done by using the ksort() function. It will re-order all pairs of keys and values based on the alphanumeric order of the keys. Here is a PHP script on how to use ksort():

$mixed = array();
$mixed["Zero"] = "PHP";
$mixed[1] = "Perl";
$mixed["Two"] = "Java";
$mixed["3"] = "C+";
$mixed[""] = "Basic";
$mixed[] = "Pascal";
$mixed[] = "FORTRAN";
print("Sorted by keys:\n");

This script will print:

Sorted by keys:
    [] => Basic
    [Two] => Java
    [Zero] => PHP
    [1] => Perl
    [3] => C+
    [4] => Pascal
    [5] => FORTRAN


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