Uploading Files to Web Servers in PHP


Where to find tutorials on how to upload files to Web servers in PHP?

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A collection of tutorials to answer many frequently asked questions on how to upload files to Web servers in PHP. Clear explanations and tutorial exercises are provided on creating file upload HTML tags, setting encoding type on HTML forms, getting uploaded file information, storing uploaded file in database. Topics included in this collection are:

What Is File Upload in PHP

INPUT Tag for File Uploading in PHP

FORM Tag for Uploading Files in PHP

Getting Uploaded File Information in PHP

Processing Uploaded Files in PHP

Moving Uploaded Files to Permanent Directory in PHP

Detecting File Uploading Errors in PHP

Filtering Out Empty Files in PHP

Creating a Database Table to Store Files in PHP

Uploading Files into Database in PHP

Configuration Settings for File Upload in PHP

Technical Specifications for File Upload in PHP


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