Using an Array as a Stack in PHP


How To Use an Array as a Stack in PHP?



A stack is a simple data structure that manages data elements following the first-in-last-out rule. You use the following two functions together to use an array as a stack:

  • array_push($array, $value) - Pushes a new value to the end of an array. The value will be added with an integer key like $array[]=$value.
  • array_pop($array) - Remove the last value from the array and returns it.

Here is a PHP script on how to use an array as a queue:

$waitingList = array();
array_push($waitingList, "Joe");
array_push($waitingList, "Leo");
array_push($waitingList, "Kim");
$next = array_pop($waitingList);
array_push($waitingList, "Kia");
$next = array_pop($waitingList);
array_push($waitingList, "Sam");
print("Current waiting list:\n");

This script will print:

Current waiting list:
    [0] => Joe
    [1] => Leo
    [2] => Sam


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