Putting Directory Entries into an Array in PHP


How To Dump the Contents of a Directory into an Array in PHP?

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If you want to get the contents of a directory into an array, you can use the scandir() function. It gets a list of all the files and sub directories of the specified directory and returns the list as an array. The returning list also includes two specify entries: (.) and (..). Here is a PHP script example on how to use scandir():

$array["one"] = "Download PHP scripts at dev.fyicenter.com.\r\n";
$array["two"] = "Download Perl scripts at dev.fyicenter.com.\r\n";
$bytes = file_put_contents("/temp/download/todo.txt", $array);
$files = scandir("/temp/download");

This script will print:

    [0] => .
    [1] => ..
    [2] => todo.txt


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