Passing Arrays by References to Functions in PHP


How To Pass Arrays By References? in PHP?



Like normal variables, you can pass an array by reference into a function by taking a reference of the original array, and passing the reference to the function. Here is a PHP script on how to pass array as reference:

function shrink($array) {
$numbers = array(5, 7, 6, 2, 1, 3, 4, 2);
print("Before shrinking: ".join(",",$numbers)."\n");
print("After shrinking: ".join(",",$numbers)."\n");

This script will print:

Before shrinking: 5,7,6,2,1,3,4,2
After shrinking: 5

Note that call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated. You need to define arguments as references. See next tip for details.


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