Writing a String to a File without a File Handle in PHP


How To Write a String to a File without a File Handle in PHP?

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If you have a string, want to write it to a file, and you don't want to open the file with a file handle, you can use the file_put_contents(). It opens the specified file, writes the specified string, closes the file, and returns the number of bytes written. Here is a PHP script example on how to use file_put_contents():

$string = "Download PHP scripts at dev.fyicenter.com.\r\n";
$string .= "Download Perl scripts at dev.fyicenter.com.\r\n";
$bytes = file_put_contents("/temp/todo.txt", $string);
print("Number of bytes written: $bytes\n");

This script will print:

Number of bytes written: 89

If you look at the file todo.txt, it will contain:

Download PHP scripts at dev.fyicenter.com.
Download Perl scripts at dev.fyicenter.com.


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