Copying an Array in PHP


Can You Copy an Array in PHP?



You can create a new array by copying an existing array using the assignment statement. Note that the new array is not a reference to the old array. If you want a reference variable pointing to the old array, you can use the reference operator "&". Here is a PHP script on how to copy an array:

$oldArray = array("Zero"=>"PHP", "One"=>"Perl", "Two"=>"Java");
$newArray = $oldArray;
$refArray = &$oldArray;
$newArray["One"] = "Python";
$refArray["Two"] = "C#";
print("\$newArray[\"One\"] = ".$newArray["One"]."\n");
print("\$oldArray[\"One\"] = ".$oldArray["One"]."\n");
print("\$refArray[\"Two\"] = ".$refArray["Two"]."\n");
print("\$oldArray[\"Two\"] = ".$oldArray["Two"]."\n");

This script will print:

$newArray["One"] = Python
$oldArray["One"] = Perl
$refArray["Two"] = C#
$oldArray["Two"] = C#


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