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PHP Tutorials - Understanding and Managing Cookies

By: FYICenter.com

A collection of 23 tips on understanding and managing cookies in PHP. Clear explanations and tutorial exercises are provided on setting and receiving cookies, creating and removing persistent cookies, specifying domain and path to restrict cookies, finding cookies in cookie files, cookie limitations. Topics included in this collections:

  1. What Is a Cookie?
  2. How To Send a Cookie to the Browser?
  3. How To Receive a Cookie from the Browser?
  4. How To Test Cookies on a Web Server?
  5. What Is a Persistent Cookie?
  6. How To Set a Persistent Cookie?
  7. How To Test Persistent Cookies?
  8. How To Remove a Cookie?
  9. What Are Domain and Path Attributes for Cookies?
  10. How To Specify Domain and Path for a Cookie?
  11. What Is the Common Mistake When Setting Path and Domain on Temporary Cookies?
  12. How Cookies Are Transported from Servers to Browsers?
  13. How To View Cookie Header Lines?
  14. How Cookies Are Transported from Browsers to Servers?
  15. Where Are the Persistent Cookies Stored on Your Computer?
  16. How To Delete Cookie Files on Your Computer?
  17. How to View the Content of a Cookie File?
  18. How Does Firefox Manage Cookies?
  19. Where Does File Firefox Store Persistent Cookies?
  20. How Many Cookies Can You Set?
  21. How Large Can a Single Cookie Be?
  22. How Are Cookies Encoded During Transportation?
  23. How Can Other Webmaster Steal Your Cookies?

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