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PHP Tutorials - Creating Your Own Functions

By: FYICenter.com

A collection of 19 tips on creating your own PHP functions. Clear answers are provided with tutorial exercises on defining functions, defining arguments, passing references, returning references, argument default values, etc. Topics included in this collection are:

  1. How To Define a User Function?
  2. How To Invoke a User Function?
  3. How To Return a Value Back to the Function Caller?
  4. How To Pass an Argument to a Function?
  5. How Variables Are Passed Through Arguments?
  6. How To Pass Variables By References?
  7. Can You Define an Argument as a Reference Type?
  8. Can You Pass an Array into a Function?
  9. How Arrays Are Passed Through Arguments?
  10. How To Pass Arrays By References?
  11. Can You Define an Array Argument as a Reference Type?
  12. How To Return an Array from a Function?
  13. What Is the Scope of a Variable Defined in a Function?
  14. What Is the Scope of a Variable Defined outside a Function?
  15. How To Access a Global Variable inside a Function?
  16. How Values Are Returned from Functions?
  17. How To Return a Reference from a Function?
  18. How To Specify Argument Default Values?
  19. How To Define a Function with Any Number of Arguments?

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