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PHP Tutorials - Understanding PHP Arrays and Their Basic Operations

By: FYICenter.com

A collection of 11 tips on PHP array introduction. Clear answers are provided with tutorial exercises on declaring and creating arrays, assigning and retrieving array elements, identifying elements by keys and indexes, copying arrays. Topics included in this collection are:

  1. What Is an Array in PHP?
  2. How To Create an Array?
  3. How To Test If a Variable Is an Array?
  4. How To Retrieve Values out of an Array?
  5. What Types of Data Can Be Used as Array Keys?
  6. How Values in Arrays Are Indexed?
  7. Can You Add Values to an Array without Keys?
  8. Can You Copy an Array?
  9. How to Loop through an Array?
  10. How the Values Are Ordered in an Array?
  11. How To Copy Array Values to a List of Variables?

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