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Where to find tutorials on Hyperledger? I want to know how to create Hyperledger applications.

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Here is a large collection of tutorials to answer many frequently asked questions compiled by FYIcenter.com team about Hyperledger:

Introduction to Hyperledger

What Is Hyperledger

What Is Blockchain

What Is Distributed Ledger

What Is Smart Contract

Hyperledger Fabric Environment on Ubuntu

Hyperledger Fabric Environment Requirement

Install Hyperledger Fabric Prerequisites on Ubuntu

Verify Docker Engine on Ubuntu

Build and Run "Hello" Go Program

Download Hyperledger Fabric Source Code

Build Hyperledger Fabric from Source Code

Install Hyperledger Fabric Binary Package

Contents of Hyperledger Fabric Binary Package

BYFN (Build Your First Network)

"first-network" - Building Your First Network

"byfn.sh generate" - Generate BYFN Configuration

"byfn.sh up" - Start Up BYFN Network

"byfn.sh down" - Shut Down BYFN Network

"byfn.sh up" Error - Container Name in Use

BYFN Containers Running on Docker

Build the BYFN Network Manually

BYFN crypto-config.yaml Configuration File

"cryptogen" Command - Generate Keys and Certificates

BYFN Root CA Certificates

BYFN configtx.yaml Configuration File

"configtxgen" Command - Build genesis.block

"configtxgen" Command - Build channel.tx

"configtxgen" Command - Build *MSPanchors.tx

BYFN docker-compose-cli.yaml Configuration File

"docker-compose up" Command - Start the Network

"docker start/stop" - Start and Stop Docker Containers

"docker exec -it cli bash" - BYFN CLI Shell

BYFN CLI Container "peer" Command

BYFN CLI Container Missing Admin Certificates

BYFN Error - "unable to bootstrap orderer"

CORE_PEER_* Environment Variables on BYFN CLI

Join Peer to BYFN Network Channel

Switch Default Peer on BYFN CLI Container

Update Anchor Peer of Each BYFN Organization

BYFN Chaincode - chaincode_example02.go

Install Chaincode on BYFN Peers

Instantiate Chaincode on BYFN Channel

Query Chaincode Property on BYFN Channel

Invoke Chaincode Transaction on BYFN Channel

BYFN CLI "peer" Command Prefix

Incompatible Chaincode on BYFN Peers

BYFN Chaincode Docker Container

Uninstall Chaincode on BYFN Peers

Upgrade Chaincode Instance on BYFN

Remove Older Versions Chaincode Containers

"peer chaincode invoke" on BYFN

View Channel Blockchain and Download Blocks

Inspect Transaction Blocks of Channel Blockchain

Hyperledger Fabric Docker Containers

Types of Hyperledger Fabric Docker Containers

Watch "orderer" Container Log

Watch Peer Container Log

Peer Containers Not Joined to Channel

Watch Chaincode Container Log

Invoke Operation on Chaincode Container

CouchDB Container Used in Hyperledger Fabric

Peer and CouchDB Container Dependency

Query CouchDB Container API Directly

CouchDB Server Admin Web Portal

Switch Default Peer with Scripts

Member Peers of a Channel

Not All Member Peers Run Chaincode

Impact of Stopping Chaincode Container

Auto-Start of Required Chaincode Container

Blockchain Data Files on Peer Container

Inspect Docker Container Configuration

Remove Log Files of Docker Container

basic-network Sample Network

What Is basic-network Sample Network

start.sh - Start basic-network

stop.sh - Stop basic-network

teardown.sh - Teardown basic-network

"docker rmi" - Remove Docker Images

Reinstall basic-network with Latest Images

Container Network - "net_basic"

View Logs Files of basic-network

Connect to basic-network Peer

Download Blocks from Blockchain

Check "couchdb" Database Server

Deploy ca.example.com Manually

Deploy orderer.example.com Manually

Deploy peer0.org1.example.com Manually

Deploy couchdb Container Manually

Deploy cli Container Manually

Manage basic-network with cli Container

WYFA (Writing Your First Application)

Objectives of WYFA tutorials

Clean Up Docker Engine for WYFA

Launch the WYFA Network

Verify the WYFA Network

Reinstall Chaincode on WYFA Network

"fabric-nodeenv:latest not found" Error

fabcar.go - The "fabcar" Chaincode

Interact with "fabcar" Chaincode on CLI

Verify World State in CouchDB

Verify Blockchain on the Channel

Read Block Data in Blockchain

blockfile_000000 - Blockfiles of Blockchain

Setup Node.js for WYFA Tests

Reinstall npm with Node Version Manager

Reinstall Node.js Required Modules

enrollAdmin.js - Enroll Admin to ca.example.com

registerUser.js - Register User to ca.example.com

"Failed to load gRPC binary module" Error

commercial-paper Sample Network

Objectives of commercial-paper Tutorials

Start basic-network for PaperNet

Create PaperNet Log Console

Start CLI Container for MagnetoCorp Admin

papercontract.js - PaperNet Chaincode (Smart Contract)

Install PaperNet Chaincode (Smart Contract)

Instantiate PaperNet Chaincode (Smart Contract)

Client Application Gateway

Install Node.js Application Dependencies

Prepare User Identity for Isabella

Create Identity Wallet for Isabella

issue.js - Application to Issue New Paper

See New Paper on CouchDB Server

Start CLI Container for DigiBank Admin

Create Identity Wallet for Balaji

buy.js - Application to Buy Paper

redeem.js - Application to Redeem Paper

Hyperledger Fabric Network

Simplest Hyperledger Fabric Network

Two-Organization Hyperledger Fabric Network

Multiple Ledger Peers within Organization

Organization with CA Server

Organization with CLI Admin Tool

Hyperledger Fabric Process Flow

What Is Hyperledger Fabric Query

Interfaces to Communicate with Ledger Peer

Main Interfaces to Communicate with Ledger Peer

Download and Install Golang SDK

Download and Install Java SDK

Node.js SDK and Client Application

FabricCAServices Node.js Class

.js - Sign in to CA Server

wallet-import.js - Import Keys to Wallet

register-user.js - Register New User

evaluate-transaction.js - Evaluate Chaincode Transaction

submit-transaction.js - Submit Chaincode Transaction

Differences of evaluateTransaction() and submitTransaction()

Fabric CA (Certificate Authority)

What Is Fabric CA (Certificate Authority)

Fabric CA Integration with Fabric Peers

Fabric Network without CA Server

Fabric CA User’s Guide

Requirements for Fabric CA Server and Client

Install Fabric CA Server and Client

Start Fabric CA Server Natively

Enroll Fabric CA Client Admin Identity

"fabric-ca-client enroll" Error - "Failed to insert"

Fabric CA Client Wallet

"fabric-ca-client certificate list" - List Certificates

"fabric-ca-client identity list" - List Identities

Requirements for Registering New Identities

"fabric-ca-client register" - Register Second Admin

Second Admin Enroll to Create Wallet

Register Identity of "user" Type

Add Identity using JSON String

Setting Up Orderer Peer Manually

Steps of Setting Up Orderer Peer

Pull Hyperledger Fabric Orderer Image

Create Orderer Organization Definition

orderer.yaml - Orderer Peer Configuration File

Generate Genesis Block for Orderer

docker-compose-orderer.yaml - Docker Configuration

"docker-compose" - Deploy Orderer to Docker

"could not load a valid signer certificate" Error

Default orderer.yaml in Orderer Docker Image

Deploy Orderer with Default Configuration

Orderer Peer Operation RESTful API

Turn on Orderer Peer Operation RESTful API

Setting Up Ledger Peer Manually

Steps of Setting Up Ledger Peer

Pull Hyperledger Fabric Peer Image

Deploy Peer with Default Configuration

Default core.yaml in Peer Docker Image

What Is Ledger Peer Operation RESTful API

Turn on Ledger Peer Operation RESTful API

Hyperledger Related Terminology

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Introduction to Hyperledger

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