issue.js - Application to Issue New Paper


What is the Application to Issue New Pape, issue.js?



issue.js is a client application using the Hyperledger Fabric Node.js SDK library to invoke the issue() function of the papercontract running on the PaperNet.

1. View issue.js source code:

(isabella)$ cd ~/hyperledger-binaries/fabric-samples
(isabella)$ cd commercial-paper/organization/magnetocorp/application

(isabella)$ more issue.js 
/* SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
 * This application has 6 basic steps:
 * 1. Select an identity from a wallet
 * 2. Connect to network gateway
 * 3. Access PaperNet network
 * 4. Construct request to issue commercial paper
 * 5. Submit transaction
 * 6. Process response

'use strict';

// Bring key classes into scope, most importantly Fabric SDK network class
const fs = require('fs');
const yaml = require('js-yaml');
const { FileSystemWallet, Gateway } = require('fabric-network');
const CommercialPaper = require('../contract/lib/paper.js');

// A wallet stores a collection of identities for use
//const wallet = new FileSystemWallet('../user/isabella/wallet');
const wallet = new FileSystemWallet('../identity/user/isabella/wallet');

// Main program function
async function main() {

  // A gateway defines the peers used to access Fabric networks
  const gateway = new Gateway();

  // Main try/catch block
  try {

    // Specify userName for network access
    // const userName = '';
    const userName = '';

    // Load connection profile; will be used to locate a gateway
    let connectionProfile = yaml.safeLoad(fs.readFileSync('../gateway/networkConnection.yaml', 'utf8'));

    // Set connection options; identity and wallet
    let connectionOptions = {
      identity: userName,
      wallet: wallet,
      discovery: { enabled:false, asLocalhost: true }

    // Connect to gateway using application specified parameters
    console.log('Connect to Fabric gateway.');

    await gateway.connect(connectionProfile, connectionOptions);

    // Access PaperNet network
    console.log('Use network channel: mychannel.');

    const network = await gateway.getNetwork('mychannel');

    // Get addressability to commercial paper contract
    console.log('Use org.papernet.commercialpaper smart contract.');

    const contract = await network.getContract('papercontract', 'org.papernet.commercialpaper');

    // issue commercial paper
    console.log('Submit commercial paper issue transaction.');

    const issueResponse = await contract.submitTransaction('issue', 
       'MagnetoCorp', '00001', '2020-05-31', '2020-11-30', '5000000');

    // process response
    console.log('Process issue transaction response.');

    let paper = CommercialPaper.fromBuffer(issueResponse);

    console.log(`${paper.issuer} commercial paper : ${paper.paperNumber} successfully issued for value ${paper.faceValue}`);
    console.log('Transaction complete.');

  } catch (error) {

    console.log(`Error processing transaction. ${error}`);

  } finally {

    // Disconnect from the gateway
    console.log('Disconnect from Fabric gateway.')

main().then(() => {

  console.log('Issue program complete.');

}).catch((e) => {

  console.log('Issue program exception.');


2. Run issue.js:

(isabella)$ node issue.js

Connect to Fabric gateway.
Use network channel: mychannel.
Use org.papernet.commercialpaper smart contract.
Submit commercial paper issue transaction.
Process issue transaction response.
MagnetoCorp commercial paper : 00001 successfully issued for value 5000000
Transaction complete.
Disconnect from Fabric gateway.
Issue program complete.

We can see from the program output that MagnetoCorp commercial paper 00001 was issued with a face value of 5M USD.

Note that how the gateway uses the networkConnection.yaml file to store the connection addresses and port number of PaperNet.


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