Switch Default Peer with Scripts


How to Switch Default Peer on the CLI container with Scripts? I am tired of typing those 4 CORE_PEER_* export commands.

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From previous tutorial, we know that we need to type in export commands to set 4 CORE_PEER_* environment variables. But you can also put them into shell scripts and run them whenever needed.

1. Connect to the CLI container:

$ docker exec -it cli bash

2. Create a script file for peer0.org1:

bash-4.4# vi peer0-org1.sh 
export CORE_PEER_ADDRESS=peer0.org1.example.com:7051
export CORE_PEER_MSPCONFIGPATH=/opt/gopath/src/github.com/hyperledger\
export CORE_PEER_TLS_ROOTCERT_FILE=/opt/gopath/src/github.com/hyperledger\

bash-4.4# chmod 711 peer0-org1.sh

3. Create script files for peer1.org1, peer0.org2, and peer1.org2 in the same as step 2.

4. Run a script file with "source" command and test it:

bash-4.4# source peer1-org2.sh

bash-4.4# echo $CORE_PEER_ADDRESS

bash-4.4# peer node status


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