BYFN (Build Your First Network)


Where to find tutorials on Hyperledger Fabric BYFN (Build Your First Network)?



Here is a list of tutorials to answer many frequently asked questions compiled by team on Hyperledger Fabric BYFN (Build Your First Network).

"first-network" - Building Your First Network

" generate" - Generate BYFN Configuration

" up" - Start Up BYFN Network

" down" - Shut Down BYFN Network

" up" Error - Container Name in Use

BYFN Containers Running on Docker

Build the BYFN Network Manually

BYFN crypto-config.yaml Configuration File

"cryptogen" Command - Generate Keys and Certificates

BYFN Root CA Certificates

BYFN configtx.yaml Configuration File

"configtxgen" Command - Build genesis.block

"configtxgen" Command - Build channel.tx

"configtxgen" Command - Build *MSPanchors.tx

BYFN docker-compose-cli.yaml Configuration File

"docker-compose up" Command - Start the Network

"docker start/stop" - Start and Stop Docker Containers

"docker exec -it cli bash" - BYFN CLI Shell

BYFN CLI Container "peer" Command

BYFN CLI Container Missing Admin Certificates

BYFN Error - "unable to bootstrap orderer"

CORE_PEER_* Environment Variables on BYFN CLI

Join Peer to BYFN Network Channel

Switch Default Peer on BYFN CLI Container

Update Anchor Peer of Each BYFN Organization

BYFN Chaincode - chaincode_example02.go

Install Chaincode on BYFN Peers

Instantiate Chaincode on BYFN Channel

Query Chaincode Property on BYFN Channel

Invoke Chaincode Transaction on BYFN Channel

BYFN CLI "peer" Command Prefix

Incompatible Chaincode on BYFN Peers

BYFN Chaincode Docker Container

Uninstall Chaincode on BYFN Peers

Upgrade Chaincode Instance on BYFN

Remove Older Versions Chaincode Containers

"peer chaincode invoke" on BYFN

View Channel Blockchain and Download Blocks

Inspect Transaction Blocks of Channel Blockchain


"first-network" - Building Your First Network

Contents of Hyperledger Fabric Binary Package

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