Manage basic-network with cli Container


How to Manage basic-network with cli Container?



You can follow this tutorial to Manage basic-network with cli Container.

1. Start all containers, including cli, defined in the docker-compose.yml file:

$ cd ~/hyperledger-binaries/fabric-samples/basic-network

$ docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml up -d

2. Connect to cli container:

$ docker exec -it cli bash
root@308636bc6e27:/opt/gopath/src/ cd

3. Verify the basic-network through

root@308636bc6e27:~# echo $CORE_PEER_ADDRESS

root@308636bc6e27:~# peer node status

root@308636bc6e27:~# peer channel list
Channels peers has joined:

root@308636bc6e27:~# peer chaincode list --installed
Get installed chaincodes on peer:

As you can see, is running. But it does nothing, no channels, no chaincodes. See other tutorials on how join channels and run chaincodes.


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