Create Identity Wallet for Balaji


How to Create Identity Wallet for Balaji at DigiBank?



Like Isabella at MagnetoCorp, Balaji at DigiBank needs prepare his system with a wallet to store his identity. He also needs to install Node.js dependencies to run applications written with Hyperledger Fabric Node.js SDK.

1. Install Node.js dependencies:

(balaji)$ cd ~/hyperledger-binaries/fabric-samples
(balaji)$ cd commercial-paper/organization/digibank/application
(balaji)$ npm install
added 320 packages from 230 contributors in 126.894s

2. Run the addToWallet.js script to copy private key and certificate into identity wallet:

(balaji)$ node addToWallet.js

3. Verify wallet:

(balaji)$ ls ../identity/user/balaji/wallet

(balaji)$ ls ../identity/user/balaji/wallet/

As you can see, the script just copied the private key and password of to be the identity of Balaji. This is not really a good idea. Balaji from DigiBank should not use the admin identity of the ledger peer organization.


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