"fabric-ca-client register" - Register Second Admin


How to register a second admin with the "fabric-ca-client register" command?

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You can follow this tutorial to register a second admin with the "fabric-ca-client register" command.

1. Make sure the Fabric CA Server is running.

2. Go to the Fabric CA Client system where you have the "admin" wallet created in the previous tutorial:

$ cd ~/fabric-ca/native-client/admin
$ export FABRIC_CA_CLIENT_HOME=~/fabric-ca/native-client/admin

3. Run the "fabric-ca-client register"

$ ~/go/bin/fabric-ca-client register --id.name admin2 \
   --id.affiliation org1.department1 \
   --id.attrs 'hf.Revoker=true,admin=true:ecert'
[INFO] Configuration file location: ./fabric-ca-client-config.yaml
[INFO] POST /register 201 0 "OK"
Password: WSATRHlgxxnk

4. List identities on the Fabric CA Server:

$ ~/go/bin/fabric-ca-client identity list

Name: admin, Type: client, Affiliation: , Max Enrollments: -1, 
   Attributes: [{Name:hf.Registrar.Attributes Value:* ECert:false} 
      {Name:hf.AffiliationMgr Value:1 ECert:false} 
      {Name:hf.Registrar.Roles Value:* ECert:false} 
      {Name:hf.Registrar.DelegateRoles Value:* ECert:false} 
      {Name:hf.Revoker Value:1 ECert:false} 
      {Name:hf.IntermediateCA Value:1 ECert:false} 
      {Name:hf.GenCRL Value:1 ECert:false}]

Name: admin2, Type: client, Affiliation: org1.department1, Max Enrollments: -1, 
   Attributes: [{Name:admin Value:true ECert:true} 
      {Name:hf.Revoker Value:true ECert:false} 
      {Name:hf.EnrollmentID Value:admin2 ECert:true} 
      {Name:hf.Type Value:client ECert:true} 
      {Name:hf.Affiliation Value:org1.department1 ECert:true}]

As you can see, "admin2" is created with the password of "WSATRHlgxxnk". You can pass this information for another user so he/she can run the "fabric-ca-client enroll" command to create his/her own certificate and save it a wallet.


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