BYFN CLI Container "peer" Command


What is the BYFN (Build Your First Network) CLI Container "peer" Command?



If you have the BYFN CLI container running, you can use it to run the "peer" command to manage your BYFN network.

1. Start the CLI container and connect to it:

$ docker start cli

$ docker exec -it cli bash

2. Run the "peer help" command to see its functions:

bash-4.4# peer
  peer [command]

Available Commands:
  chaincode   Operate a chaincode: 
  channel     Operate a channel: create|fetch|join|list|update|signconfigtx|getinfo.
  help        Help about any command
  lifecycle   Perform _lifecycle operations
  logging     Logging configuration: 
  node        Operate a peer node: start|status.
  version     Print fabric peer version.

3. List all channels on BYFN:

bash-4.4# peer channel list
[main] InitCmd -> ERRO 001 Cannot run peer because cannot init crypto, \
   folder "/opt/gopath/src/\
   /peerOrganizations/" does not exist

Looks like we are missing access certificates to run the command. See next tutorial on how to fix the issue.


BYFN CLI Container Missing Admin Certificates

"docker exec -it cli bash" - BYFN CLI Shell

BYFN (Build Your First Network)

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