Start basic-network for PaperNet


How to Start basic-network for PaperNet? I want to follow commercial-paper Tutorials.



You can follow this tutorial to start basic-network and make it ready to build PaperNet.

1. Start basic-network :

$ cd ~/hyperledger-binaries/fabric-samples/basic-network
$ ./

Creating         ... done
Creating ... done
Creating couchdb             ... done
Creating ... done
[channelCmd] executeJoin -> INFO 002 Successfully submitted proposal to join channel

2. List the docker containers that are running the basic-network nodes:

$ docker ps

CONTAINER ID  IMAGE                       STATUS             NAMES
ada3d078989b  hyperledger/fabric-peer     Up About a minute
1fa1fd107bfb  hyperledger/fabric-orderer  Up About a minute
53fe614274f7  hyperledger/fabric-couchdb  Up About a minute  couchdb
469201085a20  hyperledger/fabric-ca       Up About a minute

As you can see, each node of basic-network is running in its own container:

  • A peer is running in container ada3d078989b
  • An orderer is running in container 1fa1fd107bfb
  • A CouchDB database couchdb is running in container 53fe614274f7
  • A CA is running in container 469201085a20


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