Register Identity of "user" Type


How to register a new identity of "user" type?



You can follow this tutorial to register a new identity of "user" type.

1. Go to the Fabric CA Client system where you have the "admin" wallet created in the previous tutorial.

$ cd ~/fabric-ca/native-client/admin
$ export FABRIC_CA_CLIENT_HOME=~/fabric-ca/native-client/admin

3. Run the "fabric-ca-client register" with the "--id.type user" option:

$ ~/go/bin/fabric-ca-client register bob --id.type user

[INFO] Configuration file location: ./fabric-ca-client-config.yaml
[INFO] POST /register 201 0 "OK"
Password: JUQvcikPOuwq

4. List identities on the Fabrice CA Server:

$ ~/go/bin/fabric-ca-client identity list

Name: admin2, Type: client, Affiliation: org1.department1, Max Enrollments: -1, 
   Attributes: [{Name:admin Value:true ECert:true} 
      {Name:hf.Revoker Value:true ECert:false} 
      {Name:hf.EnrollmentID Value:admin2 ECert:true} 
      {Name:hf.Type Value:client ECert:true} 
      {Name:hf.Affiliation Value:org1.department1 ECert:true}]
Name: bob, Type: user, Affiliation: , Max Enrollments: -1, 
   Attributes: [{Name:hf.EnrollmentID Value:bob ECert:true} 
      {Name:hf.Type Value:user ECert:true} 
      {Name:hf.Affiliation Value: ECert:true}]

As you can see "bob" identity is created with a type of "user". Now you can pass bob:JUQvcikPOuwq to Bob, so he can enroll to create his certificate and save it in his wallet.


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