Build and Run "Hello" Go Program


How to Build and Run "Hello" Go Program on Ubuntu?



Hyperledger Fabric framework is written in Go language. So it is important to learn how build and run Go programs on Ubuntu. Here are the steps to build and run the "Hello" Go program.

1. Make sure that Go is installed.

$ go version 
go version go1.11.5 linux/amd64

2. Create a Go working directory

$ mkdir go
$ export GOPATH=~/go

3. Create hello.go source code file. Remember to use Ctrl-D to end the input of the "cat" command.

$ cd go
$ mkdir src/hello

cat > src/hello/hello.go
package main
import "fmt"
func main() {
   fmt.Printf("Hello world!\n")

4. Compile and build the executable file.

$ export GOPATH=~/go
$ go install hello

5. Run the executable file.

$ bin/hello 

Hello world!


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