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Windows System and Applications - Questions and Answers NEW

Have questions about Windows systems and applications? We love to hear them. Search and post your questions here...

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A comprehensive directory of well written tutorials with 600+ entries and growing. All entries are reviewed and edited by Free submission. More...

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It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, browse through our tutorial tips. They will always help you to improve your skills and find some good ideas to solve your coding problems. So far, Our developers have written 1034 tutorial tips to share with you. Each one of them answers one commonly asked question with a short, but precise and clear tutorial. More tips will be available soon. Please come back to visit this page again.

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Looking for Software Developer job? Or looking for a raise? You need to know how much are you worth in today's job market. Read the detailed salary report on Software Developer professionals.

The Best Jobs In America

The Top 10 / Top 50 Best Jobs - Software engineer, College professor, Financial advisor, Human resources manager, Physician's assistant,Market research analyst,Real estate appraiser,Pharmacist,Psychologist..... More

Developer Interview Questions and Answers

Are you a developer? Need to prepare for a job interview? We have selected a big collections of interview questions and answers in many technical areas: Java, JSP, ASP, C++,C#,.NET,ORACLE, PL/SQL,Perl, struts, XML....more ...

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HTML Interview Questions and Answers

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The Java Web Services Tutorial

This Java Web Services tutorial is for Java Web Services Developer's Pack, v2.0. Main topics include: Building Web Services with JAX-WS Binding between XML Schema and Java Using JAXB Streaming API for XML SOAP with Attachments API for Java Java API for XML Registries Java XML Digital Signature API Securing Web Services

.NET Tutorial for Beginners

This tutorial is for .NET programming beginners. Main topics include: Installing .NET Framework SDK Introduction to the .NET Platform Code Management Language Features of C# Language Features of VB.NET Object Oriented Programming Concepts Error and Exception Handling Assemblies and Application Domains

The Java EE 5 Tutorial

This tutorial is a guide to developing enterprise applications for the JavaTM Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 (Java EE 5). Main topics include: Introduction; The Web Tier; Web Services; Enterprise Beans; Java Persistence API and Persistence Query Language; Services like Security, The Message Service, Transactions, Resource Connections; Case Studies.

Volume and File Structure of CDROM for Information Interchange - Standard ECMA-119

Interview Questions and Answers Database

Need to prepare for a job interview? Try this interview questions and answers database. It has a nice full-text search function. If you have a good interview question, share it with us by submitting it to the database. Go to interview question database.

Software Developer Resource Links

As a software developer, you need to constantly update your knowledge on new software technologies and new career opportunities for your own career development. This requires you spending time on search and find information on software technologies and career opportunities. This collection of Internet resources will help your to locate the information you need quickly. 83 Top Webmaster Resources -- 23 Go To Resources for Finding Great Code-- More

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