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XHTML Tutorials - Understanding Tables and Table Cells

By: FYIcenter.com

A collection of 17 FAQs/tutorials tips on XHTML tables and table cells. Clear answers are provided with tutorial exercises on table elements like: table, tr, td, th, caption; table attributes like: border, frame, cellspacing, cellpadding; row and cell attributes like: align, valign, colspan, rowspan. Topics included in this collection are:

  1. What Is a "table" Tag/Element?
  2. What Is a "tr" Tag/Element?
  3. What Is a "td" Tag/Element?
  4. What Are the Attributes of a "table" Element?
  5. How To Create Table Borders?
  6. How To Turn On Some Parts of Table Outer Borders?
  7. How To Control White Spaces between Table Cells?
  8. How To Control Padding Spaces within a Table Cell?
  9. How To Control Table Widths?
  10. What Happens If One Row Has Missing Columns?
  11. How To Control Horizontal Alignment in Table Cells?
  12. How To Control Vertical Alignment?
  13. How To Add Column Headers to a Table?
  14. What Is a "caption" Tag/Element?
  15. How To Merge Cells in a Row?
  16. How To Merge Cells in a Column?
  17. How To Create Nested Tables?

Please note that all notes and tutorials are based on XHTML 1.0 specification.

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