23 Go To Resources for Finding Great Code

23 Go To Resources for Finding Great Code

23 Go To Resources for Finding Great Code

As a developer, you are hopefully writing mostly all your own code. Nevertheless, there might be the odd time when you need some quick inspiration or even a quick snippet of code to push things along.
These 23 websites are for those times. All are excellent resources and all are about sharing tips and tricks and making code freely available in a variety of different programming languages.
Take a look and add them to your programming tool belt:

Code Guru

CodeGuru is a free website where you can find tips, tricks, and other pieces of useful code. You can find literally thousands of articles and thousands of pieces of code that you can download, look at, modify, play with, and use – for free. There are many new things you can learn on codeguru.com! Navigating the site is very easy – you have 3 main categories: Visual C++ / C++, .NET/ C#, and Visual Basic. There is no registration required to get the code. You also have free access to the Discussion Forums, where you can ask for opinions, and go to the Resource Directory, where you can find valuable resources to aid you in your development process.

Free PHP

Free-php.net offers lots of free PHP scripts and resources. Website navigation is very clear and all the free stuff is divided into 6 sections Free PHP Scripts, Commercial PHP Scripts, PHP Resources, PHP Tutorials, Web Resources, and PHP Hosting. A great feature of free-php.net is the request area, where you can request the script you need. They also have PHP forums, support forums, programming chat, and PHP resource links.

The Free Country

You can find resources on free compilers, interpreters, source code, libraries, tutorials, references, debuggers, compiler construction kits, 3D engines, animation, programmers' editors, resource leak detectors, programming language grammars, programmers' tools, database libraries, ODBC drivers, SQL servers, and many more. The website is absolutely free of charge and aims at programmers and webmasters looking for free code to help them in the development process. Navigation is easy and intuitive; you can easily find what you are looking for.

Hot Scripts

HotScripts.com is a large Internet directory that compiles and disseminates Web programming-related resources. The website has more than 40,000 Resources listed in over 1,000 Categories. There are 16 main categories – Ajax, ASP, ASP.NET, C and C++, CFML, CGI and Perl, Flash, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Remotely Hosted, Ruby on Rails, Tools and Utilities, Web Hosting, and XML. HotScripts.com is aimed at webmasters and programmers who are searching for code to enhance their websites and applications. HotScripts.com’s mission is to provide Web developers and programmers with one of the best centralized collection of high quality programming information and resources.

Script Dungeon

Scriptdungeon.com is a free directory offering hundreds of free scripts, tools, and utilities. Website navigation is very clear, the resources are divided into 4 main categories - Free ASP Scripts, Free PHP Scripts, Free Java Scripts, and Free Tools & Utilities. The directory is targeted towards web developers, network administrators, and home users who are looking for some nifty little scripts to enhance their applications. Scriptdungeon.com is fast, secure, and does not need authentication – you can browse and download the code anonymously. Although downloading is a little difficult, you will get used to it in a short while.

The CGI Resource Index

Cgi.resourceindex.com is a free directory containing over 2,700 programs and CGI scripts written in Perl, C, C++, and other languages. Best of all, each script is explained – you will know exactly what it does and how it does. You can also find Documentation, Books, and a Programmers section where you can find freelance programmers and companies that are happy to work on your projects. Most of the scripts are written in Perl. The website navigation is very intuitive. Basically, there are 7 main sections – Programs and Scripts, Remotely Hosted, Documentation, Books, Programmers, Jobs, and Web Hosting. Before you can download resources, you need to become a member. However, this is quite easy and only takes about 2 minutes.

The PHP Resource Index

Php.resourceindex.com is a free directory offering over 3,600 free PHP scripts and over 300 functions and classes. The PHP scripts are ready-to-use PHP programs, while the functions and classes are not complete scripts but code pieces that can aid in application development. The navigation is very intuitive. Basically, there are 5 main categories – Complete Scripts, Functions and Classes, Documentation (information, books, tutorials, examples and help regarding PHP programming), Community (this is where you'll find resources such as jobs, chats, message boards, developer sites and much more), and Web Hosting (find a Web host for your PHP programs). You will need to become a member in order to download the code. However, this only takes about 2 minutes of your time.

Dynamic Drive

Dynamic Drive is the best place on the Internet where you can get original free DHTML & Javascripts to enhance your web site. Although at first glance the website appears somewhat crowded, it is in fact very well structured. You can clearly see all the script categories right on the home page – Calendars, Date & Time, Document Effects, Dynamic Content, Form Effects, Games, Image Effects, Links & Tooltips, Menus & Navigation, Mouse and Cursor, Scrollers, Text Animations, User/System Preference, Window and Frames, XML and RSS, and Other. Below the main categories, you will find a list of updated scripts – looks like this site really keeps track of all changes. All the scripts have a short description and install guide.

Fat Script

Fatscripts.com is a resource directory created with user experience in mind. Users can find the scripts and resources they need without being bombarded with an excessive amount of ads. The home page is very clean, featuring a nice navigation tree. The directory offers over 14625 scripts, organized in 13 categories – ASP, ASP.NET, C and C++, Cold Fusion, Flash, Java, Javascript, Perl and CGI, PHP, Python, Remote, Tools, and XML. Some of the scripts and tools come at a price (you can still download a free trial). However, many are free. Every script or tool is explained, and information about supported Operating systems is available for all of them.

Open Source Script

Opensourcescripts.com search and catalog useful free open source software and scripts. It provides valuable resources for users and helps them find and use open source applications that are stable. The navigation is very intuitive and easy to follow. All the scripts are organized into 12 categories – ASP, ASP.NET, C & C++, Delphy and Kylix, Java, Javascript, CGI and Perl, PHP, Python, Unix Shell, Visual Basic, Tools and services. You don’t need to register to download the free scripts – you can browse the website anonymously. Some of the download links do not work properly. However, more than 90% seem to work just fine.

Javascript Kit

Javascriptkit.com is a comprehensive resource for free JavaScript scripts and tutorials, Web design tutorials, DHTML tutorials, and many more. The website has a clean design and all the resources are organized in 8 main categories - Free JavaScripts, JavaScript Tutorials, DHTML Tutorials, Web Design Tutorials, JavaScript Reference, DOM Reference, IE Filters/ Transitions Reference, and Free Java Applets. You don’t need to register to the website - getting the scripts is easy, just follow the links. Each script is explained, and the code is posted for you to copy paste.

The Script Library

This website provides a central location for many free scripts written in many languages, including Powershell, VBScript, Javascript, Perl, Python and others. The website currently offers over 10,000 free scripts, mainly in the Jscript, Perl, Powershell, Python, and VBscript categories. Navigation is very easy; you basically have 15 main categories from which to choose - ASP ASP.Net Batch COM Object HTA Html Jscript Kixtart Perl PHP Powershell Python Rexx SQL VBScript. You can also use the search engine built in the website. Getting the code is very simple, no authentication and no registering required. You simply follow the links and get the free code.

Java File

This website is one of the best websites offering free java scripts and applets. Downloading and installing is easy. You don't need to know how to code! You just need to download the script or applet, add it to your HTML, and edit it to suit your needs. When searching for scripts, you can browse a list of 27 categories – Alerts, Animation, Audio Effects, Backgrounds, Banner Utilities, Browser Utilities, Buttons, Calculators, Clocks, Color Picker, Cursor Effects, Email Forms, Fun and Games, Horizontal Rules, Image Effects, Menuing, Mouseover, Passwords, Popup Windows, Site Search, Slideshow, Status Bar, Text Effects, Ticker Tapes, Web Search, Website Tools, and JavaFile Forums.

Javascripts Internet

The webmasters of this site have put together a collection of thousands of free JavaScripts that are available to anyone. The scripts are available via a user friendly interface, including a working JavaScript example of most of the scripts and a text box with the complete actual JavaScript code used. You can just select a category from the navigation menu at the top or use the search engine to find the script you are looking for. Be sure to check out the website’s 'What's New?' section to view the latest scripts. Also, you can use the JavaScript Forum to post script requests, script questions, and more. If you are tired of copy pasting, you have the option of sending the code to your email by simply using the box under the script.

Front Page

This is a very straight forward website. When you arrive, you see al the available scripts on one long page. You can search through them to find all you need. No registration is needed; you simply click the link and go get the code. Every script has a detailed description and detailed “how to install” guide.

Perl Scripts Javascripts

This is another very simple website. When you arrive, you see all the available scripts under two categories:
* Perl Scripts - compatible with Mac, Windows IIS 4 & 5, Linux, Unix, Sun and FreeBSD servers
* JavaScripts - All scripts are tested with Firefox, Internet Exporer 5+, Netscape Navigator 4+, Opera 5+ on Macintosh OSX and Windows XP
Downloading the scripts is easy. However, before you download, you will be asked for your name, email address, used Operating System. After you fill in the data and click “I agree to your terms of use”, your download will begin. You can also browse through the navigation tree to the left for a more specific search.


This is a small website offering a couple of free PHP scripts. The website also features an “Online tools” section as well as an “Articles” section. All the scripts are listed on two pages. When you click on one, you will see a detailed description and a guide to download and install the script. The user does not have a navigation tree or a search engine to search for scripts. However, since the number of scripts is small, these options are needless.

ASP Code

This website offers lots of useful articles, tutorials, and code examples organized in 5 main categories - ASP.NET articles, .NET, Applications, ASP, and Other. You can also find useful information on the ASPCode.net blog. The navigation is very easy to follow, you just need to go in the category you want and find what you are looking for. Aspcode.net also features a good search engine built in the website. You don’t need to register or submit anything; you simply go and get the code. Also, the speed is awesome; the pages load in record time.

Code Toad

This website provides free code samples, in-depth tutorials, and loads of useful resources. What you find here can assisting you in application development. If you are new to programming, the tutorials show you how to do different things. The resources are organized in 10 main categories – ASP, ASP.Net, C++/C#, DHTML, HTML, Java, Javascript, Perl, VB, and XML. The website is entirely free to use; no registration required and no hidden fees applied. You have access to the Forums, where you can share your opinion or ask for help. Overall, the website is easy to use, navigation is very simple, and we did not find any broken links.

Planet Source Code

This is one of the largest public source code databases on the Internet. It features over 13,000,000 lines of code and articles and tutorials in 11 languages. They also maintain a job section with more than 1,700 open job postings. All the resources are organized in 10 main categories - Visual Basic, Java / Javascript, C / C++, ASP / VbScript, SQL, Perl, Delphi, PHP, Cold Fusion, and .Net. Although the website is a little crowded with too many ads, navigation is easy and intuitive. For every code, you will find a good description, as well as a download link. No registration needed, simply go and grab the code you want.

Free Code Momma

This website offers free articles, source code, and tutorials. Navigation is easy and intuitive, while the website itself is clean and organized. All the resources are organized in 20 main categories – AJAX, ASP, ASP.Net, C#, C/C++, CSS, DHTML, Embedded Visual Basic, Flash, HTML, Information Technology, Java, JavaScript, JSP, Perl, PHP, SQL, SVG, Visual Basic, and XML. You can navigate to the category of your choice and download source code without registering. There are no hidden fees and all the links seem to work fine. However, a major drawback is the absence of a search engine.

Free Ajax Scripts

Freeajaxscripts.net put up a nice collection of free Ajax scripts for you to use. The pages are very clean and navigation is quite easy; all the Ajax scripts are condensed in 5 pages. The first page is actually the website’s home page. Freeajaxscripts.net features a nice embedded Google search engine, providing means for targeted searches. The website features many links to other free websites and directories where you may find what you are looking for. You don’t need to register to download the free scripts; you can browse, search, and download anonymously. Although it does not feature hundreds of resources, Freeajaxscripts.net does its best to offer you only high quality code.


This site is well suited for advanced VB coders, with a focus on Win32 API development, and a wide range of resusable components and classes. Resources are devoted to classic and .NET components and code.

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23 Go To Resources for Finding Great Code