HTML Tag and Attribute Syntax


Where to find tutorials of introduction to HTML tag and attribute Syntax?



Here is a list of tutorials to answer many frequently asked questions compiled by team in introduction to HTML tag and attribute Syntax. Clear answers are provided with tutorial exercises on XHTML elements, opening and closing tags, element attributes, quoting attribute values, required attribute and values, case sensitivity, entering comments, protecting ampersand sign.

What Is an HTML Element?

Entering Comments into HTML Documents

The Opening Tag of an HTML Element

Closing an HTML Element

Closing XHTML 'br' Tags

Closing XHTML 'meta' Tags

Entering HTML Element Content

XHTML Element Name Case Sensitive

HTML Element Attributes

Writing HTML Element Attributes

Attribute Name Case Sensitive

Quoting HTML Element Attribute Values

Ampersand Sign in HTML Attribute Values

Attributes Required by HTML Elements

Predefined HTML Attribute Values

The 'checked' Attribute of some HTML Elements


What Is an HTML Element?

Tools for Viewing XHTML 1.0 Documents

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