Tools for Writing XHTML 1.0 Documents


What Tools can I Use to Write XHTML 1.0 Documents?



The basic tool you need to write XHTML documents is any text editor, like notepad on Windows system, or vi on Unix system.

If you are looking for some advanced tools to help you writing XHTML documents, you can select any one from the following three categories of XHTML editors:

  • Text based editor - Allows you to work on the text version of the XHTML document.
  • WYSIWYG editor - Allows you to work on the rendered version of the XHTML document.
  • Browser based editor - A WYSIWYG editor integrated into an existing Web browser.

XHTML editors can also be loaded with additional functionalities to allow you work with other Web technologies like CSS and JavaScript, or publish the XHTML documents to your Web server.


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