"Ctrl-p Ctrl-q" - detach Console


How to use the "Ctrl-p Ctrl-q" sequence to detach console from the TTY terminal of container's running command.

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If have attached your console to the TTY terminal of the running command of a container using the "docker container attach" or "docker container start --attach" command, you can enter the "Ctrl-p Ctrl-q" sequence to detach the console.

After all consoles detached, the container's default command will continuer to run quietly in the Docker Engine.

1. Create a new container with a TTY terminal in interactive mode:

fyicenter$ docker container create --name java --tty --interactive openjdk

2. Start the container with the console attached to the TTY terminal and interact with the default command.

fyicenter$ docker container start --attach --interactive java

jshell> 1+2;
fyicenter$1 ==> 3

3. Enter "Ctrl-p" followed by "Ctrl-q", you see the console is detached:

jshell> read escape sequence

4. You can attach the console back to the container again:

jshell>5 5+6;
fyicenter$5 ==> 11

As you can see, we are able attach and detach a console to the TTY terminal of the default running command on the container at any time.


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