Login to Azure API Publisher Portal - 2017 Version


How to login to Azure API Management Publisher Portal 2017 version?

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If you have given access permission to an Azure API Management Service publisher portal, you can login to the publisher portal as shown in this tutorial:

1. Enter the publisher portal URL in a Web browser as shown below: The first part of the domain name is your API Management Service name:


2. On the "Sign in" page, click the link in "If you are an Administrator you must sign in here." You see "Microsoft Azure" sign in page.

3. Sign in with your company email address and click the "Continue" button to sign in. You may the "No subscriptions found" page.

4. Click on the "PORTAL.AZURE.COM" link on the page. You will be redirected to the dashboard page of the Azure portal.

5. Click "All Resources" in the menu. And find your API Management Service resource from the resource list.

6. Click on API Management Service resource name to open it.

7. Click on the "Publisher portal" link near the top. You will be landed on the publisher portal page in a new window.

The picture below shows you steps to login to the Publisher Portal of an Azure API Management Service:

API Management Service 2017 - Publisher Portal Login
API Management Service 2017 - Publisher Portal Login


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