Add Request Query String Parameters


How to add request query string Parameters to my Azure API operation to make it more user friendly?



If your API operation uses URL template parameters, the client system must call it with parameter values specified in the correct position, like:


The above URL is nice and short. But it confuses users: Is the rate for from USD to EUR or from EUR to UDS?

To avoid he confusion, you change the URL signature to use query string parameters, like


One big advantage of query string parameters is that their position order is not important. So the following 3 URL are identical:


Here are steps to create query string parameters:

1. Go to the publisher portal of the API Management Service.

2. Open the "First API" and add a new operation "Get exchange rate #2".

3. Enter the following to create the operation:

Display name: Get Exchange Rate #2
Name: get-exchange-rate-2
HTTP verb: GET   /exchange-rate
Description: Get Exchange Rate #2

4. Click "Query" tab. You see parameter fields displayed.

5. Click "ADD QUERY PARAMETER" repeatedly to enter 3 parameters:

from   From-currency code   string   USD          x
to     To-currency code     string   EUR          x
date   Date of the order    date     2020-10-10   x

The picture below shows you how to create request query string parameters for an API operation:

API Operation - Request Query String Parameters
API Operation - Request Query String Parameters


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