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HTML 'del' and 'ins' Tags/Elements
What Are HTML "del" and "ins" Tags/Elements? "del" and "ins" elements are inline elements that you can use to specify text to be treated as deleted text and inserted text respectively. Here are basic rules about "del" and "ins" elements: "del" and "ins" elements are inline elements. "del" and "ins" ...
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Counting the Number of Values in an Array in PHP
How To Get the Total Number of Values in an Array in PHP? You can get the total number of values in an array by using the count() function. Here is a PHP example script: &lt;?php $array = array("PHP", "Perl", "Java"); print_r("Size 1: ".count($array)."\n"); $array = array(); print_r("Size 2: ".c...
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FYIcenter JSON Validator and Formatter
FYIcenter JSON Validator and Formatter is an online tool that checks for syntax errors of JSON text string and converts it to a pretty format.
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HTML Un-ordered List 'ul' Tag/Element
What Is a "ul" Tag/Element? A "ul" element is block level element that can be used to define an un-ordered list, where items are displayed with leading bullets. Here are basic rules about "ul" elements: "ul" elements are block level elements. "ul" elements can not have text contents. An "ul" element...
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HTML Description 'meta' Tag/Element
What Is the Description "meta" Tag/Element? The description "meta" element is a special meta element that provides a short descript about the HTML document. The description "meta" element must include the "name" attribute as, name="description". Here is an example: &lt;meta name="description" co...
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HTML Ordered List Item Markers
How To Use Different Markers on Ordered List Items? By default, browsers will use decimal numbers as the item markers for ordered lists. If you want to change them to something else, like alphabetical letters, you need to use CSS properties. Here is a tutorial sample showing you how to set item mark...
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Issue with "while ($c=fgetc($f))" Loop in PHP
What's Wrong with "while ($c=fgetc($f)) {}" in PHP? If you are using "while ($c=fgetc($f)) {}" to loop through each character in a file, the loop may end in the middle of the file when there is a "0" character, because PHP treats "0" as Boolean false. To properly loop to the end of the file, you sho...
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Missing XHTML 'title' Element
What Happens If the XHTML "title" Element is Missing? XHTML 1.0 requires you write the title element inside the head element. If you forget to include the title element, the XHTML validator will return an error to you. Here is how you can test this yourself. Go the W3 XHTML validator Web site: http:...
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XHTML 'meta' Elements Not Closed
What Happens If an XHTML "meta" Element Is Not Closed? Meta tags, link tags and base tags must be closed in XHTML documents. If you forget to close them like the HTML format, you will get validation errors. Try the following tutorial sample XHTML document on http://validator.w3.org/ to see what type...
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Passing an Argument to a Function in PHP
How To Pass an Argument to a Function? in PHP? To pass an argument to a function, you need to: Add an argument definition in the function definition. Add a value as an argument when invoking the function. Here is a PHP script on how to use arguments in a function(): &lt;?php function f2c($f) { r...
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Incorrect HTML 'head' Element
What Is Wrong with This XHTML "head" Element? If you have trouble passing the XHTML 1.0 validation on your head element, check the following common mistakes: Missing the title element. Not closing the meta element as &lt;meta ... &gt;. You must close all elements in XHTML documents. Not clos...
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HTML Tables and Table Cells
Where to find tutorials of introduction to HTML Tables and Table Cells? Here is a list of tutorials to answer many frequently asked questions compiled by FYIcenter.com team in introduction to HTML Tables and Table Cells. Clear answers are provided with tutorial exercises on table elements like: tabl...
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What Is session_register() in PHP
What Is session_register() in PHP? session_register() is old function that registers global variables into the current session. You should stop using session_register() and use array $_SESSION to save values into the current session now.   ⇒Understanding and Using Sessions in PHP ⇒⇒PHP Tutorials
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HTML Nested List Elements
Can List Elements Be Nested? Yes. You can nest list element within each other because: List items can have block elements as contents. List elements are block elements. List items can have list elements as contents resulting nested list elements. Below is a good tutorial example of using nested list...
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HTML 'base' Tag/Element
What Is the HTML "base" Tag/Element? The "base" element is an optional sub-element of the "head" element. The "base" element specifies a base URL for all the hyper links in XHTML document. It has one required attribute called "href" to allow you to specify the base URL. Here is an example: &lt;?...
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HTML 'strong' Tag/Element
What Is an HTML "strong" Tag/Element? A "strong" element is an inline element that you can use to specify text with a strong emphasis. Here are basic rules about "strong" elements: "strong" elements are inline elements. "strong" elements can not be used at block level. Contents of "strong" elements ...
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What Is HTML?
What Is HTML? HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the standard markup language for creating Web pages. Web browsers receive HTML documents from Websites and render them into Web pages. More precisely, HTML gives authors the means to: Publish Web pages with headings, text, tables, lists, photos, etc....
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What Is a Session ID in PHP
What Is a Session ID in PHP? A session ID is an identification string of a session. Since there might be multiple visitors coming to your Web site at the same time, the PHP engine needs to maintain multiple sessions concurrently. Session IDs are created and maintained by the PHP engine to identify s...
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Hyper Link Indexes within the HTML Document
How To Build Hyper Link Indexes within the Same Document? If you want build some hyper link indexes within the same document, you need use "a" elements to define some bookmarks, then use "a" elements to define hyper links that pointing to those bookmarks. The tutorial example below shows you how to ...
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Hyper Link Points to a Music File
What Happens If a Hyper Link Points to a Music File? If you want to build a hyper link to allow visitors to access a music/sound file by clicking a hyper link, you can put the URL of the music/sound file directly in the "href" attribute of the hyper link. If a visitor clicks the link, the browser wi...
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Default File Name of a URL
What Happens If File Name is Missing in a URL? If the file name part is missing in a URL, the one of the following two rules will be used. 1. If a URL has no file name, but a path name is given, the browser will let the hosting computer to supply the default file name. On most hosting computers, the...
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Missing Cells in HTML Table Row
What Happens If One Row Has Missing Columns? What happens if one row has missing columns? Most browsers will provide empty columns to the end of the row to make up the missing columns. For example, if your XHTML document has a table with the first row having 2 columns, and the second row having 3 co...
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Appending Data to the End of a File in PHP
How To Append New Data to the End of a File in PHP? If you have an existing file, and want to write more data to the end of the file, you can use the fopen($fileName, "a") function. It opens the specified file, moves the file pointer to the end of the file, and returns a file handle. The second argu...
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Processing Web Forms in PHP
Where to find tutorials on how to process Web Forms in PHP? A collection of tutorials to answer many frequently asked questions on how to process Web Forms in PHP. Clear explanations and tutorial exercises are provided on generating and processing Web forms, getting values out of $_REQUEST, processi...
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