Register Azure AD B2C as a Google Application


How to register Azure AD B2C as Google client application? I want Google users to be able to login to my Azure AD B2C applications.



If want Google users to be able to login to your Azure AD B2C applications, you need to register Azure AD B2C as Google client application:

1. Sign in to the Google Developers Console with your Google account credentials.

2. Select Create project, and then click Create. If you have created projects before, select the project list, and then select New Project.

3. Enter a Project Name, click Create, and then make sure you are using the new project.

4. Select Credentials in the left menu, and then select Create credentials > Oauth client ID.

5. Select Configure consent screen.

6. Select or specify a valid Email address, provide a Product name shown to users, add "" to Authorized domains, and click Save.

7. Under Application type, select Web application.

8. Enter a Name for your application, enter in Authorized JavaScript origins, and h2/authresp in Authorized redirect URIs. Replace "your-tenant-name" with the name of your tenant. You need to use all lowercase letters when entering your tenant name even if the tenant is defined with uppercase letters in Azure AD B2C.

9. Click Create.

10. Copy the values of Client ID and Client secret. You will need both of them to configure Google as an identity provider in your tenant. Client secret is an important security credential.

For more information, see Set up Sign-up or Sign-in with a Google account using Azure Active Directory B2C.


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