Capture Google OpenID Connect Authentication Response


How to capture the Google OpenID Connect Authentication Response?



If you are use the Google-OpenID-Connect-Test-Page.html test Web form using "response_type=id_token" to test the implicit flow, you can capture the id_token value with the browser.

1. Run Google-OpenID-Connect-Test-Page.html in a Web browser.

2. Enter "id_token" in the "response_type" field.

3. Click "Submit". You see Google sign-in page.

4. Sign in with any Google account. You see browser is redirected to "openID_receiver.php" server side script. But the script will get no parameters.

5. Copy the value in the browser URL address input box. The "id_token" value is included in the "anchor" part after the "#":

6. Copy the "id_token" value "ey4MjZkZDFkYzE5mN..." and decode it with the Base64URL decode algorithm.


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