Google OpenID Authentication Request Test


How to build a Google OpenID Authentication Request Test page?



The Authentication Request is the first call to the Google OpenID Connect service. You can build a simple Web form page to test different behavior of the Authentication Request.

Here is an example, Google-OpenID-Authentication-Request-Test.html:

<html><body><h3>Google OpenID Connect Test Request Example</h3>
<form method="GET" action="">
client_id: <input size="80" name="client_id" 
response_type: <input size="10" name="response_type" value="id_token"><br/>
scope: <input size="10" name="scope" value="openid email"><br/>
redirect_uri: <input size="80" name="redirect_uri"
nonce: <input size="10" name="nonce" value="1234567"><br/>
state: <input size="10" name="state" value="7654321"><br/>
<input type="Submit" name="Submit" value="Submit"><br/>

Upload this page to your Web server, and view it from a Web browser, you see the test form displayed:

Google OpenID Connect Test Page
Google OpenID Connect Test Page

You can enter your own client_id, redirect_uri and other parameters to try it.


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