Add Request Body Examples - 2017 Version


How to add request body examples to my Azure API operation 2017 version to make it more user friendly?



If you have created the "First API" API and "Add new user" operation as described in previous tutorials, you can follow this tutorial to add request body examples.

1. Go to the publisher portal of the API Management Service.

2. Open the "First API" and open the operation "Add new user".

3. Click "Body" on the left. You see a list of body detail fields.

4. Fill in each field with the following:

Description: Provide the new user information in the body.


5. Click the "Save" button. The API operation is updated.

Click "ADD REPRESENTATION" to add more examples, like:

       "user": {
           "name": "Joe",
           "age": "25"

The picture below shows you steps on how to add request body examples on an API operation:

API Operation 2017 - Add Request Body Example
API Operation 2017 - Add Request Body Example


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