Create Visual Basic Project in Visual Studio 2017


How to Create a Visual Basic Program Project with Visual Studio 2017?



If you are new to Visual Studio 2017, you can follow tutorial to create your first Visual Basic program project in Visual Studio 2017.

1. Start Visual Studio 2017 with .NET development environment.

2. Click "File > New > Project" menu. You see the new project box showing up.

3. Select the project type under "Other Languages > Visual Basic" section, like "WPF App (.NET Framework)", and enter project & solution names.

4. Click "OK". You see the visual design screen showing up.

Now you are ready to develop your WPF app in Visual Basic.

The picture below shows you how to create a Visual Basic project for a WPF App (.NET Framework) application in Visual Studio 2017:
Create Visual Basic Project in Visual Studio 2017


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