Hello-2.0.epub - "mimtype" File


How to create the "mimetype" file of an EPUB 2.0.1 book?

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The "mimetype" file of an EPUB 2.0.1 book is a required file in the book ZIP container. It specifies the mimetype of an EPUB 2.0.1 book file.

Here is the requirement on the "mimetype" file:

1. The "mimetype" file must be named as "mimetype".

2. The "mimetype" file must have 1 line of text list below:


3. The "mimetype" file must be placed in the root directory of the EPUB 2.0.1 book ZIP container.

4. The "mimetype" file must be stored in the EPUB 2.0.1 book ZIP container without compression.

You can create the "mimetype" file with any text editor.

Download Hello-2.0.epub, and unzip it. You see an example of "mimetype" in the root directory.


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