Hello-2.0.epub Created with WinRAR


How to create Hello-2.0.epub with WinRAR? I have all required files to create Hello-2.0.epub.

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To create the EPUB 2.0.1 example, Hello-2.0.epub, you need to collect all files mentioned from previous tutorials:

|-- mimetype
|-- package.opf
|-- content.xhtml
|-- navigation.xml
    |-- container.xml

Then you can build Hello-2.0.epub with WinRAR using the following commands:

\fyicenter>WinRAR a -afzip Hello-2.0.epub mimetype
\fyicenter>WinRAR a Hello-2.0.epub META-INF\container.xml
\fyicenter>WinRAR a Hello-2.0.epub package.opf
\fyicenter>WinRAR a Hello-2.0.epub navigation.xhmtl
\fyicenter>WinRAR a Hello-2.0.epub content.xhtml

Now you can open Hello-2.0.epub with any EPUB reader software that supports EPUB 2.0.1.


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