Minimum Requirement of EPUB 2.0.1 File


What Is the minimum requirement of an EPUB 2.0.1 file?



If you want to build an EPUB file that meets the minimum requirements of EPUB 2.0.1 specification, you need to prepare the following:

1. A text file called "mimetype" with one line listed below. It specifies the mimetype of an EPUB 2.0.1 book file.


2. An XML file called "container.xml" in a sub folder named as "META-INF". The "container" file uses the XML format defined in "Open Container Format (OCF) 2.0.1". It specifies a package file of any name, for example: package.opf.

3. A package file named like package.opf, that uses the XML format defined in "Open Packaging Format (OPF) 2.0.1". It defines required some meta data, one or content files, and a navigation file.

4. A navigation file named like navigation.xml that uses the Navigation Center eXtended (NCX) specification. It provides navigation information like a table of contents of the book.

5. A content file named like content.xhtml that uses the XHTML language. It provides the content of the book.

6. Package all above 5 files into a ZIP file named like Hello-2.0.epub. Note that the "mimetype" should not be compressed.

The resulting ZIP file, Hello-2.0.epub, is an EPUB 2.0.1 file that meets the minimum requirements of EPUB 2.0.1 specifications.


Hello-2.0.epub - "mimtype" File

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