http.client.HTTPResponse Objects


What properties and functions are supported on http.client.HTTPResponse objects?



If you get an http.client.HTTPResponse object from a urlopen() function call, you should be able use the following properties and functions:

>>> r = urllib.request.urlopen('')
>>> status       # represents the response status code
>>> getcode()    # returns the response status code
>>> getheaders() # returns the headers as a list object
>>> read()       # returns the body as a binary
>>> url          # represents the url where this response comes from
>>> dir(r)
['__abstractmethods__', ..., 'begin', 'chunk_left', 'chunked', 'close', 
 'closed', 'code', 'debuglevel', 'detach', 'fileno', 'flush', 'fp', 
 'getcode', 'getheader', 'getheaders', 'geturl', 'headers', 'info', 
 'isatty', 'isclosed', 'length', 'msg', 'peek', 'read', 'read1', 
 'readable', 'readinto', 'readinto1', 'readline', 'readlines', 'reason',
 'seek', 'seekable', 'status', 'tell', 'truncate', 'url', 'version', 
 'will_close', 'writable', 'write', 'writelines']

Here is a Python example on how to access the HTTP response headers:

>>> import urllib
>>> r = urllib.request.urlopen('')
>>> h = r.getheaders()
>>> print(h)
[('Connection', 'close'), ('Server', 'gunicorn/19.9.0'), 
 ('Date', 'Sun, 12 Aug 2018 23:41:01 GMT'), 
 ('Content-Type', 'application/json'), 
 ('Content-Length', '234'), 
 ('Access-Control-Allow-Origin', '*'), 
 ('Via', '1.1 vegur')]


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