What Is Python Module 're'


What Is Python module "re"?

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"re" is a Python internal module that provides regular expression matching and replacement operations similar to those found in Perl.

Here are some important properties and functions provided by the "re" module:

>>> import re
>>> re.search()  # searches for the first match of a regular expression
>>> re.match()   # matches the string at the beginning with a regular expression
>>> re.fullmatch() # matches the entire string with a regular expression
>>> re.findall() # finds all matches with a regular expression
>>> re.sub()     # substitutes matches with a given string 
>>> re.split()   # splits the target string by the occurrences of match
>>> re.escape()  # escapes special characters in a regular expression
>>> re.compile() # compiles a regular expression string into an object

For more information, see re — Regular expression operations.


re.search() - Search for First Match

're' Module - Regular Expression Operations

're' Module - Regular Expression Operations

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