Printing Python Engine Information


How to print out Python engine information?



Here is a Python example on how to print out Python engine information:

>>> import sys

>>> sys.getwindowsversion()
sys.getwindowsversion(major=6, minor=1, build=7601, platform=2, 
   service_pack='Service Pack 1')

>>> sys.executable

>>> sys.version
'3.6.2 (v3.6.2:5fd33b5, Jul  8 2017, 04:14:34) [MSC v.1900 32 bit (Intel)]'

>>> sys.implementation
namespace(cache_tag='cpython-36', hexversion=50725616, name='cpython', 
   version=sys.version_info(major=3, minor=6, micro=2, releaselevel='final', 

>>> sys.modules.keys()
dict_keys(['builtins', 'sys', '_frozen_importlib', '_imp', '_warnings', 
   '_thread', '_weakref', '_frozen_importlib_external', '_io', 'marshal', 
   'nt', 'winreg', 'zipimport', 'encodings', 'codecs', '_codecs', 
   'encodings.aliases', 'encodings.utf_8', '_signal', '__main__', 
   'encodings.latin_1', 'io', 'abc', '_weakrefset', 'site', 'os', 
   'errno', 'stat', '_stat', 'ntpath', 'genericpath', 'os.path', 
   '_collections_abc', '_sitebuiltins', 'sysconfig', 'atexit'])

>>> sys.flags
sys.flags(debug=0, inspect=0, interactive=0, optimize=0, 
   dont_write_bytecode=0, no_user_site=0, no_site=0, ignore_environment=0, 
   verbose=0, bytes_warning=0, quiet=0, hash_randomization=1, isolated=0)


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