re.sub() - Substitute Matches with String


How to substitutes matches of a regular expression in a target string with another string using re.sub()?



The re.sub() function allows you to substitute (or replace) matches of a given regular expression in match the beginning part of a target string with of a given regular expression.

import re
f = re.sub(pattern, repl, string, count=0, flags=0)

   pattern is the regular expression
   repl is the replacement string
   string is the target string
   count=0 means replacing all matches
   f is the final string after replacements are done

Here is Python example that shows you how to use the re.findall() function:

>>> import re
>>> s = "Hello,, and!"
>>> p = "(\\w+)\\.(\\w+)"
>>> print(p)
>>> r = "domain"
>>> f = re.sub(p,r,s)
>>> print(f)
Hello domain, domain, and domain!


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