Hyper Link Points to a ZIP File


What Happens If a Hyper Link Points to a ZIP File?

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If you want to build a hyper link to allow visitors to access a ZIP file by clicking a hyper link, you can put the URL of the ZIP file directly in the "href" attribute of the hyper link. If a visitor clicks the link, the browser will fetch the PDF file, and display a dialog box to ask you to save the file to your local computer.

The tutorial example below shows you how ZIP files can be linked by hyper links:

  <p>Click the hyper link to save the 
  <a href="http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/xhtml1.zip"
   >ZIP File</a> provided by www.w3.org.</p>

The above code is included below in this document, so you can try it now.

Click the hyper link to save the ZIP File provided by www.w3.org.


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