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What Is Azure API Policy
What Is Azure API Policy? Azure API Policy is a set of plugin rules to be executed between Azure API and the backend service. Those plugin rules are written in Azure API policy statements in XML format. An Azure API policy contains two major blocks: 1. Inbound Policy - Policy statements to be execut...
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What Is the Relation between RSS and XML
What Is RSS (Rich Site Summary)? XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a generic markup language to organize generic information into a structured document with embedded tags. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an extension of XML designed to organize headlines of news or summaries of Web pages to fee...
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View Atom Feeds with Chrome Extension
How to View Atom Feeds with Google Chrome? I have the "Atom Subscription Extension" installed. If you have the "Atom Subscription Extension" installed, you can follow this tutorial to view Atom Feeds: 1. Launch Google Chrome 60. 2. Enter the following in the URL input box: http://dev.fyicenter.com/a...
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Azure API Policy XML Document Structure
What is the XML Document Structure of an Azure API service operation? Azure API Policy XML Document contains 4 policy blocks: "inbound" - Policy sub element to provide policy statements that controls the generation of the inbound HTTP request to be delivered to the backend service. "backend" - Polic...
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Download RSS Specification
How to download RSS 2.0 Specification? You can follow this tutorial to download RSS 2.0 specification: 1. Go to RSS Specification page. 2. Use the browser "Save As" function to save a copy to your computer.   ⇒Introduction of RSS ⇒⇒RSS FAQ and Tutorials
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Icon for RSS Syndication
What Is the Icon for RSS Syndication? The Web browser and Website syndication industry has adopted a standard icon to identify RSS syndicated content as shown below:   ⇒Introduction of RSS ⇒⇒RSS FAQ and Tutorials
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Setup Policy to Azure API Operations
What are steps to set up policy to an Azure API Operation? If you want to add policy statements to be executed between the Azure API and the backend service, you need to setup policy to the Azure API operation as shown in this tutorial: 1. Login to Azure Portal. 2. Go to API Management Services and ...
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What Is Variable
What is variable in Python? A variable is symbolic name that can be assigned with a reference link to a data object resulted from an expression. In Python, variables are not declared specifically for any data type. They can be used without declaration statements. For example, the following assignmen...
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Policy Hierarchy and 'base' Statement
What are the relations among API policies defined at product level, API level, and operation level? Azure API Management allows you to define policies at 3 levels: Product level policy - Policy defined at product level can be shared amount all APIs associated to the product. You can use the "base" p...
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What Is Expression
What Is an expression in Python? An expression in Python is a sequence of operations or method calls applied on data objects. An expression has two impacts when executed: Code statements of invoked methods get executed. This may create new data objects, update existing data objects, consume resource...
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Evaluation of Expressions
How expressions are evaluated in Python? Expressions are evaluated in Python based on precedence of each operation list below: Operator Description -------- ----------- (expressions...), [expressions...], {key: value...}, {expressions...} Binding or tuple display, list display, dictionary display, s...
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FYIcenter JSON to XML Converter
FYIcenter JSON to XML Converter is an online tool that converts a JSON text string to an XML document. JSOM object property names are limited to ASCII characters only.
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FYIcenter XML to JSON Converter
FYIcenter XML to JSON Converter is an online tool that converts an XML document to a JSON text string.
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