Hyperledger Composer Environment Components


What components are included in my Hyperledger Composer Environment?

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The fabric-dev-servers.tar.gz package provides the 4 components running as Docker containers to form your Hyperledger Composer Environment.

You can identify Hyperledger Composer by their container names from the output of the "docker ps" command:

$ docker ps
CONTAINER ID    IMAGE                               ... NAMES
------------    -----                                   -----
...             hyperledger/fabric-peer:1.2.1       ... peer0.org1.example.com
...             hyperledger/fabric-couchdb:0.4.10   ... couchdb
...             hyperledger/fabric-orderer:1.2.1    ... orderer.example.com
...             hyperledger/fabric-ca:1.2.1         ... ca.org1.example.com

peer0.org1.example.com - A peer node owned by org1.example.com. It listens inbound transaction requests at port 7051. It also emits outbound event messages at port 7053.

couchdb - A CouchDB database to support the peer.

orderer.example.com - The Orderer node owned by example.com. It listens inbound requests at port 7050.

ca.org1.example.com - A CA (Certificate Authority) node to authenticate participants. It listens inbound requests at port 7054.


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