Application ID Settings on Azure AD


What settings are associated an application ID on Azure AD?



Once you Website is registered on Azure AD with an Application ID, you can open and modify its settings described below:

1. Sign in to the Azure portal with admin permissions.

2. Go back to "Azure Active Directory > default directory > App Registrations". You see a list of application IDs.

3. Select and open "OpenID Test". You see a summary of this application ID.

4. Click "Settings" near the top. You see a list of settings displayed on the right:

   Name: OpenID Test
   Object ID: xxxxxx
   Application ID: xxxxxx
   App ID URI: ...
   Home page URL:
   Logout URL: xxxxxx
Reply URLs:
Required permissions:

You can change settings if you want. For example, you can add a "Reply URLs" like, which will be used in the user sign-on authentication request. When the user finishes the sign-on process, Azure AD will return the authentication response to this URL.


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