Hello-3.0.epub - "mimtype" File


How to create the "mimetype" file of an EPUB 3.1 book?

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The "mimetype" file of an EPUB 3.1 book is a required file in the book ZIP container. It specifies the mimetype of an EPUB 3.1 book file.

Here is the requirement on the "mimetype" file:

1. The "mimetype" file must be named as "mimetype".

2. The "mimetype" file must have 1 line of text list below:


3. The "mimetype" file must be placed in the root directory of the EPUB 3.0 book ZIP container.

You can create the "mimetype" file with any text editor.

Download Hello-3.0.epub, and unzip it. You see an example of "mimetype" in the root directory.


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